At Kearney Bible Church we understand God’s Word is teaching that we are to have Servant-Leaders who minister to our church. In Acts 14:23 we read that Elders were appointed as leaders in every new church that had been planted. In I Peter 5:1-3 we are told that the Elders’ leadership responsibility includes shepherding God’s flock, the church. In Acts 20:28-30 God’s Word tells us that elders are to have a major responsibility in guarding the church from false doctrine and false teachers. Therefore our elders at Kearney Bible Church take these responsibilities seriously. Currently our Elders are Bob Kelly, Gary Couchman and Mark Owen. Our Senior Pastor is Benjamin Hardee.

The scriptures also tell us Deacons are to be Servant-Leaders in our church in I Timothy 3:8 and Philippians 1:1. The word deacon comes from the Greek word for serve or minister. From examples such as Acts 6:1-6 we understand that deacons give leadership in the practical ministries of the church just like elders give leadership in the spiritual ministries of our church. Currently Jeff Couchman, Dale Pooker and Ron Adkins serve as deacons in our church.