We invite you to come worship at Kearney Bible Church…where the Bible is taught and Christ is honored.

  • We believe there are two things that last forever, God’s Word – The Bible, and people. Kearney Bible Church prioritizes introducing the Scriptures into people in a life-changing way.
  • We are a regional church that has a congregation of people from several different towns and rural areas in the Northland of Missouri. Kearney, Missouri, on I-35, 25 miles north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is the location of our building on seven acres.
  • We are an evangelical church that holds to the fundamentals of Biblical Christianity, and do not belong to any denominational organizations.
  • Our congregation represents well the make up of the area in age groups, vocations, and families.
  • We are attempting to have a balanced ministry of teaching the scriptures, vital worship, warm fellowship with one another, and sensitive outreach to those who still don’t have a personal relationship with Christ.

15019 Clear Creek Dr, Kearney, MO 64060
(816) 628-4404

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